Our Story

In 1972, Chester Musser began building homes in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. During those humble beginnings, he sought to shape our community by building beautiful homes. From the start, we’ve always cared deeply about the overall home building experience. That’s where we started, and we’ve never forgotten where we came from.

Chester’s son Jeff and his wife Beth came into ownership of Musser Home Builders in 1988. They’ve established a team of home building experts that share their values of helping others, making our community more beautiful, and bringing relationship-driven home building experiences to homeowners all over Central Pennsylvania.

Over the years, Musser Home Builders has been involved with ABC27 in leading the community through several transformative projects. From Mid-state Makeover (2006-2009), to Neighbors-Helping-Neighbors (2009-2013), to being the lead builder on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (2011), we have always valued using our gifts to impact our community.

Jeff has remained actively involved with ABC27 and airs monthly You Can Do It episodes (2014-present) and regular appearances on Good Day PA!, educating homeowners with helpful tips and insights on how to properly and safely care for their home.

ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition approached Musser Home Builders in 2011, asking us to play a vital role in helping one deserving South Central Pennsylvania family. Read on…