Solar Power Options

The efficient use and production of power is more important today than ever before. Whether you’d like to use solar to reduce or eliminate your electric bill, install a standby generator to step in when a power outage occurs or benefit now from utility, there are several solar options available.

Solar Thermal

Experts claim that 30 percent of most household’s energy consumption is used to heat water. Solar thermal produces hot water from the sun using a solar array made from special evacuated tubes. Water is heated during the peak sun hours of the day and stored in a special hot water tank for consumption in the off-peak hours. The evacuated tubes produce heat, even on a low sun day, thanks to the glass tubes. There is also an electric back-up in the hot water tank. The 100 gallon, hot water storage tank also helps ensure hot water is available when needed. Solar thermal is not recommended for heating your home or heating swimming pools. Solar thermal is eligible for a 30% tax credit through the federal government which is in place until December 31, 2016.

Standby Power

We’ve all spent time “in the dark” waiting for our utility to restore power. Connected to the existing LP or natural gas fuel supply, a standby generator switches on automatically within 10 seconds of a power outage at your home using an automatic transfer switch and runs for as long as necessary. Standby generators can be sized to cover essential circuits or manage the whole house. You can rest easy, even when away from home, that your necessary appliances will continue to run if a power outage would occur.

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