Energy Guardian Kits

The Energy GuardianĀ® Kits insulate and seal any attic entrance – pull down ladders, push up or side wall panels and even permanent stairways.

The U.S. Department of Energy, numerous agencies and experts agree that the attic entrance is a hole in your crucially important thermal barrier which causes a number of problems: wasted heating & air conditioning costs; mold; fire safety; and ice damming.

  • High Insulating Value: All but the side wall kits are R-30 to match the rest of your attic insulation. Anything less will allow conductive heat transfer to continue.
  • Heavy Duty Air Seal: The lid fits into the frame to form an air tight seal. Without an air seal, convective heat transfer (and drafts in winter) will continue.
  • Easy to Use: The heaviest component is only 10 lbs.
  • 20 Year Warranty: If the air seal does not last, it will likely cause mold to grow in the attic area.
  • Cost effective: Because they are so efficient, the kits pay for themselves in months.
  • All kits are made in the USA!

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