A Strong Foundation

Just as a home needs a strong foundation, so does that home’s builder. That’s why Musser Home Builders’ strong foundation is based in the core values which have guided their passion for their work, and the happiness of their customers for over 51 years.

Customers Kathy and Mark Hoskinson decided in 2021 to create their own foundation with the help of Jeff Musser as they looked to not only build a home, but a future including their August 2023 wedding by the pool at their new Musser home.

Kathy and Mark shared with Central Keystone Living the many ways Musser’s core values have impacted their home building journey, from the purchase of their two-acre lot in the Oak Hill community in Lewisberry to their move in this year.

Relationship First

Hands build homes, but hearts change lives.

CKL: When you think of the Musser Home Builders’ core value RELATIONSHIP FIRST, how does it relate to your interaction with those members involved in the building of your new home?

Mark: In our first meeting with Jeff and his team, we focused on developing a relationship. They wanted to get a feel for what we’re like, what we enjoy doing, our work and our feelings about things. I think builders are usually more interested in floor plans and just, “let’s get to it.” The MHB Team wanted to know about us, which was good because then they could build a house “around” us, rather than just building a house “for” us without really knowing us.

Kathy: They asked about our family and how we intend to live in our home. They listened to every little detail and every little detail is now in our new home! We said we wanted a lot of windows, so we have a lot of big windows. We have children and grandchildren, and we wanted a big dining area which we could expand as we needed to. It’s perfect for that. We wanted a place where our families could come and have holidays and get-togethers. We wanted to make our home, their home, for the kids and the grandkids. The MHB Team created our perfect home plan based on our personalities rather than making us fit into an existing home plan.

Integrity Always

Innovative building with an uncompromising commitment to traditional values.

CKL: Was it obvious during your build process experience that the Musser team has a commitment to INTEGRITY?

Kathy: You won’t find anyone with higher integrity than Jeff Musser and his whole team. You can tell when you talk to someone; you get a feeling. Everyone on the team wanted to make sure things were done right and that we were happy with every detail. We could count on everyone to do what they said they would do! It was the same with everyone who worked on our home. We got to know them because we would go out several times a week. Everyone cared that they were doing a good job.

Mark: If something needed to be changed, Mussers would get it going right away. The Foreman would just make a phone call and the next day it would be worked on. It was amazing. Due to meticulous planning before signing the contract and a detailed construction management process, our supplies were there when needed and we remained on schedule from breaking ground until the day that we moved in. Mussers delivered on their commitment of schedule and budget!

Continually Learning

Expanding our experience by incorporating progressive technology and creative solutions as we mentor others.

CKL: How was it apparent that the Musser team has a PASSION FOR MENTORING its staff? And does your home reflect the up-to-date technology and creativity which are described in this core value?

Kathy: Everyone knew what they were doing. Even with the guys who framed the house; nothing was prefabricated. Everything was built by hand on the spot. And the house was up in no time at all. We were really shocked by how quickly it went. There were always people working. Some would even be there on the weekend, or Sundays, to get things done.

Mark: Talking about technology, we have a smart home. We have thermostats, garage door openers, and lights controlled on our iPhones, even the washer and dryer… and the pool. We are already getting comfortable with it. Their in-house Designer used a computer to show us floor plans on the big screen in their Design Studio during the house plan development phase. They could actually change the floor plan in “real time” while we were watching.

Collaborative Approach

Establishing a culture of teamwork and collaboration within our company and with our trade partners, vendors, and clients.

CKL: Could you feel the COLLABORATIVE TEAM APPROACH which Musser Home Builders incorporates into the build process?

 Mark: Musser Home Builders certainly has connections! When we moved in, everything was ready. Even the pool had water in it, whereas our neighbors have been waiting since last fall for a pool. When you move into a Musser home, you know everything is ready.

 Kathy: Our neighbor asked how did you get a pool already? We just said, “Musser Home Builders”! Even the landscaping, retaining walls, landscape lighting, and yard were finished and look amazing! We liked their landscaper so much that we hired him to do more work for us. Something we really liked about working with the Musser was their detailed preconstruction process. That included selecting all of our finishes before we signed the contract. Carrie, their Selections Coordinator, was so helpful as she guided us through the selection process. She joined us as we visited vendors which they have been using for many years. They work with small, local businesses and we knew that if they were a partner of Musser Home Builders, then they would value us.

Pursuit of Excellence

Passionate forward-thinking, detail-oriented, and an uncompromising approach to achieve outstanding results that last a lifetime.

CKL: How was the Musser Home Builders team’s PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE on display during your entire home building experience?

Kathy: Back in the beginning, we were invited to tour Jeff and Beth Musser’s personal home to show us the details and let us see if we wanted some of those things incorporated in our home. The entire team, from our Project Manager, to our Designer, to our Selections Coordinator and our Foreman – and others – were helpful planning and building every aspect and detail in our home. During the building process, we met with our Foreman every Wednesday morning, and we would walk through the house. He told us what they did the past week, what was coming up – he kept us informed. He always asked if we had any questions and was open to discussing any changes. If we wanted any changes, they put them in, no problem! When Mark suggested we have a bathroom near the pool, we were thinking about maybe having it in the garage. Their Designer suggested that we place it off the back patio instead. We made it a full bath in case people want to shower and change. What a great idea! They made all kinds of suggestions the whole way through, and we liked everything. We even have a huge wraparound porch with ceiling fans to enjoy the incredible views. The Musser carpenters even hung our porch swing for us! We have a finished basement and so much more. It’s clear that their entire team pursued excellence from the first time that we met, through the entire preconstruction process and until completing our new home.

Mark: We have more detail than we’ve seen in any other new home. One little detail we have is the bathroom doors that close automatically when you walk out. We have pocket doors and barn doors. When you walk into the large foyer they included architectural details to define the spaces while maintaining the open floorplan that we wanted. We have beautiful arches on the front porch. In the finished basement, there’s an exercise room, a wet bar, pool table, and a full bathroom. I even have a hobby room and we have a TV room. Our home has everything that we dreamed of – and more. The way that Jeff Musser and his team does things is a term I coined as “Jeff-a-cize.” The design of our home just makes sense and exceeded our expectations.

Building a foundation for the future

According to Kathy and Mark Hoskinson, their Musser Home Builders’ Craftsman-style two-story home represents a strong foundation for their future. “I never felt any stress with building this house,” stated Kathy. “Mark and I could not be happier. The home is perfect! Perfect for us… perfectly built. We just love it.”

Musser Home Builders has been serving the community since 1972. For over five decades, the Musser team has been passionate about enriching other’s lives as they provide a holistic design and building experience for each of their clients. Their core values have guided them as they’ve made communities more beautiful throughout central Pennsylvania.

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