Watch Your Summer To-Do List Get Done!

It is challenging being a busy, homeowner with projects building up on the list. We want to help you scratch a line through every task you have to do this summer! Take a look at these tricks every homeowner should know to stay on top of that list!

Use leverage to your advantage

When trying to pull out nails, give yourself more leverage by placing a block of wood in between the claw of your hammer and the trim. By increasing the height, it will be easier to pull the nail out and the hammer will not mar the trim.

Remove a stripped screw

Don’t think you are alone. Even a master carpenter has to deal with a stripped screw every once in a while. Get out a hand screwdriver and gently hammer it into the head of the screw. Then, apply as much downward pressure as you can while slowly backing the screw out.

No more peeling paint

Most people use tape when they paint, however, it is getting it off without peeling the new paint that is the tricky part. No longer will you have to deal with this problem! Simply cut the tape where it meets the wall with a utility blade and remove the tape.

Have a plan and take your time

Be sure to have a plan before you start a project. If you don’t know, ask! Feel free to call Musser Home Builders for any advice and send us a picture of any new projects you finish! Take your time and have fun with it!

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