Summer Gardening Tips

In a prior post, we highlighted some benefits of having your own garden. Hopefully, some of you were motivated to get your garden beds ready for some results this year! Now that your garden is on its way, here are some reminders to continue having lush, green, and healthy results!

Wilting Plans = Thirsty Plants

If your plants are wilting, it is usually because they are thirsty for some water! The next couple of months are going to continue to be hot, hot, hot! Be sure to give your plants a drink as needed.

Spotted Leaves, Critter Damage, & Those Darn Bugs!

If you are seeing spots on leaves, it is usually a bacteria or fungus. This bacteria/fungus comes from the dirt that is splashed up from the base of the plant. Tr y covering the bases of the plants with plastic mulch to reduce how much dirt is splashed onto the plants. As for critter damage, you can take a sample of the damaged plant to your local garden center and they will be able to help. Also, depending on the plant and bug, marigolds are a great natural deterrent for your bug problems!

Is it even worth it?

Many gardeners, including those that garden at Musser Home Builders, admit that gardening can be a struggle at times. From maintaining your garden in the beating down sun to somehow finding time to water your plants with a hectic summer schedule, it makes sense why gardening this time of the year seems impossible! You can do it! Tr y doing garden work early in the morning or later in the evening to avoid the hottest temperatures of the day. It also wouldn’t hurt to get more hands involved. Teaching your kids the benefits of having a garden can be fun, and getting them involved with the work makes it easier for everyone!

Show off your hard work!

Do you have a towering tomato plant that you want everyone to see? Were you able to somehow revive your garden this year and turn it into a masterpiece that you are proud of?

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