Smart Home: Summer Traveling

July is a great month to be traveling throughout Pennsylvania. Our area offers many opportunities for outdoor adventures, historical sightseeing, visiting museums, and enjoying local events and festivals. There is a plethora of weekend activities to be had that will keep the entire family entertained.

With so much traveling going on, more and more homes are left unoccupied and disconnected from their owners. Smart home technology connects traveling families to their homes while they are away.

Visitor Access

Being away no longer means leaving an extra key behind so others can get in. Whatever the reason may be–a friend dropping something off, a cleaning crew coming to clean, or a contractor doing some updates to your home–homeowners have the ability to communicate with complete awareness without even being home!

Home Security

While you and your family are away, Smart Home technology allows for a worry-free vacation by protecting against home invasion, sending alerts in case of flood or fire, and using cameras to monitor the inside and outside of your home. It is simple to arm and disarm your security system to let others inside your home.

Energy Savings

Being able to have your home efficiently manage the energy it uses rids you of one more distraction while you are away on vacation. Some systems automatically recognize when homeowners are away on vacation and will adjust accordingly to save energy.

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