Gutter Maintenance

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We will soon be enjoying the beauty of Autumn as the leaves on the trees are transformed into a wide spectrum of colors. If you are not prepared, however, those leaves can cause some serious problems with your home. Clogged spouting can cause drainage problems and lead to rot. Make sure you’re your gutters are clean and verify that your downspouts are directed away from the foundation.

If there are trees close to your home it is wise to consider installing some type of gutter guard system. There are several types available; Waterfall type gutters guards give the best protection. In heavy rain, however, there is a greater chance for the water to flow over the spouting. The most common gutter guards are mesh. While they don’t protect quite as well as a waterfall system, they will not impede water from getting into the gutters.

Maintaining your gutters is crucial in guarding against water problems and You Can Do It!

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