Fall Gardening Tips

We hope your gardening efforts this past year provided you enjoyable hours outdoors in the summer sun and the fruits–and veggies!–of your labor gave your family big smiles and full bellies around the dinner table!

Remember, now that fall is among us, properly closing your garden will help protect your garden in the the winter while also setting your garden up for success come springtime. We close out our garden by removing all the plants and adding a 1-2 inch top layer of mulched leaves. By simply running over the leaves that dropped from the trees on your home’s property with the lawn mower, your can make your own layer of mulched leaves. These mulched leaves will protect the ground in the winter and in the spring they are turned into the soil for free compost!

Once you are finished closing your garden for the year, don’t think your gardening fun has to stop over the winter. Many have tried growing greens, herbs and other vegetables indoors. The biggest challenge you will face is providing enough of the right lighting. Due to a decreased amount of sunlight over the winter months, you typically will not find enough of it for your indoor garden to flourish. You can try using reasonably priced T5 fluorescent bulbs in your cupboards to get your indoor garden started.

If indoor gardening isn’t your thing, another alternative could be to try growing a bonsai tree as a project with the kids. We bet they will love it!

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