Build A Custom Home With Us – Part 2

Part 2 of our 8-part series. Mechanical Rough Ins!
We’ve installed a closed-loop geothermal system to efficiently heat and cool this home. There will be multiple zones to allow for more comfort and control of the indoor environment. We’ve installed an Energy Recovery Ventilator system to help provide a healthy indoor air quality in a high-performance home. Plumbing rough-ins are also completed. We will install two water heaters and a recirculation hot water loop to improve efficiency.
The electrical rough-ins are well under way. We’ve installed a 400-amp electric service. We’re utilizing LED wafer lights throughout. In addition to the normal outlets, switches, and lights, we’re including low voltage LED accent lighting in many areas including the Kitchen, Island, Office and Dining Room. While the mechanical rough ins are not visible with a completed home, they are critical to every home’s performance, function and beauty.

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