Curt, Jim, Brandon - all great reflections of your company. Respectful, friendly, and recognized what was important to us. It was a little daunting to have Musser "Home" Builders do our "small" bathroom remodels. But, as we got to know Curt & Jim, it became clear that our little project was just as important to your company as any other project.
Mike & Tammy Farling
Everyone involved in this project was professional, polite, helpful,  and cleaned up everyday before leaving. Jim always let us know what to expect the following day and kept things running smoothly. Couldn't have asked for a better foreman.
Dennis & Donna Zufall
Matt & Jim were very quick to respond to changes we wanted/needed made and did not make it seem like it was an inconvenience. It can be hard to open your home to have work done with little kids at home, but Jim made sure the process went very smooth. Thank you for everything!
Nam & Leslie Duong
From start to finish, the whole team was great to work with!
Ken & Connie Mazzie
My home is better than I expected. I have gotten many positive comments. From day one to move in, everyone-Jeff, Dawn, Becca, Mike-has made this difficult process so much easier for me. I would not have been able to build this beautiful home without your help!
Carol Hamlet
There has been an outstanding level of customer service from all. Always responsive and made us feel like important clients throughout the project. We interviewed several other Home Builders and references. Musser was not the lowest bidder, but very competitive. We love our new home and could not be happier with the end result of the value received. Matt Musser saw our vision and was able to help implement exactly how we wanted our home to look. I would have your team to my house any day. They began to feel like family!
Eric & Tina Rensel
Very satisfied with the quality of work done. It resolved a lot of issues we were having. We will definitely use Musser Home Builders for future projects.
Steve & Claire Julias
We wouldn’t have had Musser complete this project if we didn’t have complete faith in them after building our home. The transformation of our basement is unbelievable. It’s hard to remember what it looked like before construction and has provided us with a beautiful extra space for our family and friends to enjoy. Jeff & Matt did a wonderful job of meeting our needs and making suggestions on how to maximize the space we had. Matt & Zach just went with the flow and adjusted to several last minute changes like the pros they are.
Jeff & Charlotte Wagoner
Jim is always very responsive! Dena LOVES the kitchen!
Scott & Dena Shearer
Every worker and contractor acted in the most professional manner.
Jeremy & Courtney Shartzer
I was very impressed with the interaction and quality of your employees. I felt very secure in choosing your company. The compliments have been endless. Mike and Matt were great. Thank you for everything.
Deb Rider
Can't say enough about the great communication from everyone before, during, and after our project. Great job! Low mess! Fast completion! Thank you to all involved.
Ken & Joni Novacich
The Paris Doors were more delightful than we anticipated. The Front Door received the most praise from the neighbors.
Larry & Audrey McClain
Curt Fleck did a great job of listening to our ideas and literally producing our visions. We chose Musser because of our Curt Fleck! Zach was awesome as well. He got right back to my phone calls and texts; he was a great communicator. I feel like I've gained friends through the process.
Pete & Karen Mashinski
Thank you, Jeff and all of your team! We were very pleased with our home projects and you all worked with us throughout the construction. A special thanks to Becca (with material selection and information) and Jim Salisbury for his leadership and communication! Our experience was very positive and we are pleased with the end results! Hope to work with y’all again one day!
Jim & Jackie Krimmel
Overall, it was our project, but we had a partner in Musser Home Builders, Inc. we could count on! Great team effort.
Matthew & Ann Hamlin
Thank you Jeff and your whole team for making our long-time dream come true. No question was ever left unanswered by Zach, the whole team worked together as one unit, and they all respected our home as if it was their own.
Roger & Sherry Gross
Curt listened to our ideas and provided us with innovations that we had not thought about. We’re very pleased with the overall design. Our project was completed within the promised time frame.
Charles & Susan Dove
Jeff is one of the most professional contractors I’ve ever dealt with.
Bob & Jen DiGilarmo
We are very pleased with the results of the renovation. Matt and Jim were wonderful to work with. Thank you!
Harry & Jackie Craven
Jeff was very receptive and helpful with our ideas and wishes. Everyone told us horror stories of projects taking forever – and we were basically right on schedule. Mike was a great comfort in the construction process. He and his team took tremendous care of us and our home to make the process as smooth and easy as possible.
Alice & Bart Anderson
We were very pleased with both the process and the results. The kitchen makes me smile every time I enter the room!
Michael & Susan Forney
Thanks for a job well done. It's been a pleasure working with Musser Home Builders during the construction phase. I highly recommend your expertise and professionalism to others considering building their dream home.
Brad & Angie Baxter
We have total confidence in the integrity of all workers and subcontractors. Building our home was a wonderful, happy experience.
Mike & Nancy Driver
We are looking forward to many years of enjoying our new addition. Thank you for a job well done!
Donald & Karen Worden
We cannot say enough about how happy we are with the process leading us to the finality of our project. Musser Home Builders would be our go-to contractor for any future building endeavors. We would highly recommend your company to anyone who wishes to discuss and implement their plans for home improvements. We thank you for developing such an excellent crew.
Charles & Linda Ward
Communication was excellent between all parties involved. Everyone was professional and courteous. We had a great experience with our first project and are looking forward to seeing the talent & expertise applied to future projects.
Mike & Kelly Verber
Curt had wonderful input and great ideas in the early planning stages of my project. I know he would never steer someone wrong. All staff and contractors were very professional and accommodating.
Keena Snyder
The biggest compliment I can give to Curt is that he managed our emotions and set our minds at ease. The destruction of our home due to this flood was devastating. The thought of the long road to repair was overwhelming. Curt’s professionalism and calm demeanor meant the world to us! Thank you for assisting our family through this time of need. We hope to use Musser Builders again under better circumstances!
Tom & Krista Reuwer
We enjoyed working with everyone. You have a great team!
Jim & Chris Rineer
Jim & Becca were very prompt in their responses, going above and beyond in their level of service. The construction process, though tedious, was made easier with things like keeping the washer & dryer functioning and trouble shooting minor phone/tv/internet outages.
Steve & Linnette Moser
We appreciate that Musser Builders was willing to work with us to design bathroom upgrades that met our visions. Focus was on our design goals and not on the preconceived beliefs of Musser Builders.
Paul & Diane Kovac
Dawn, Curt, Jim & construction workers were all helpful, friendly, and easily accessible. Thank you for a job well done!
Scott & Lisa Grob
Our experience with Musser was exemplary and Curt Fleck was a reliable representative. Thank you for your expertise!
Rod & Karen Fritchley
Everyone was extremely professional, helpful and responsive. Curt & Jim deserve special kudos. We were kept informed throughout the process. If any issues came up, we talked about them and arrived at solutions.
Michael Harvey & Susan Forney
From the moment we made our first contact with Musser Home Builders, Inc., we knew we were dealing with a very professional company. While our remodeling job was on the smaller scale, we always felt it was just as important to everyone involved as if it was a much larger project. We truly enjoyed working with Matt & Jim and we thank them for their dedication to making our project a huge success!
Joseph & Laurie Catchings
We are extremely satisfied with every aspect of the job. You are a top-quality firm with professional, friendly, available employees. We will definitely use and recommend you to others.
Don Burgard
I was very impressed with your professionalism.
Alan Kennedy
You stuck to the original time frame and we couldn't be more thrilled! Thank you for making our dream come true!
Barry & Andrea Ciccocioppo
I was impressed by the good work ethic of all Musser employees. It is a rare find in this market. Thank you.
Bryan Wagner
It was a pleasure working with you guys. I would highly recommend you to anyone who wants to build a home or addition. We've already received lots of compliments!
Chris & Jody Morrow
From our little rancher and vague wishes, you were able to design the ideal home for us. The process was interesting and exciting!
Donna & Mike Hinkle
I look for dedication to customer service when dealing with vendors. Musser Home Builders' vision and dedication to customer service were apparent from the initial meetings to completion, and most importantly through all of the subcontractors along the way. Excellent job!
Frank & Kelli Williamson
I could not give enough compliments on all the workers. The quality is A+ in my book. This was such a smooth process.
Gary & Kathy Crum
It was a pleasure working with everyone from your company! It was a very enjoyable process. Awesome finished product!
Jamie & Dana Facius
From a few example photos and our discussions, Jeff nailed the design and brought our vision to fruition!  We picked the right guys.
Jennifer Smith & Michael Eberly
We felt you cared abut our satisfaction and he quality of the end product. We appreciate that our allowances were realistic and in most cases allowed us to upgrade.
John & Traci Ducceschi
Dick and Brandon were exceptional to work with. The work of your subcontractors was also exceptional.
Ken & Elaine Bretzel
Or friends were amazed at your accurate schedule projections. We appreciate your prompt response to all our questions and your patience.
Manny & Phyllis Melachrinos
You not only have great employees, but you work with great subcontractors and suppliers.
Mike & Katie Dowling
We are very happy with the renovations. Keith and Brandon were great!
Nate & Shana Benner
We felt the cost for change orders was extremely reasonable. Jim did a great job of getting back to me in a timely fashion.
Ryan & Angela Caufman
The entire process was superior - from design through completion of construction.
Stephan & Rhonda Proctor
The house is exactly what we hoped and wanted. The workmanship was excellent and all Musser employees were pleasant, friendly and helpful.
Tom & Deb Lush
Everything was done on time and on schedule. We were very impressed with the quality of workmanship, and most of all, the level of service from all the employees and subcontractors.
TSR, Inc.
Lisa and I would just like to thank you for everything. Everybody was so kind and professional. I would recommend you to anybody.
Wayne & Lisa Dopp